Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Give Norv A Raise t-shirts now Availalbe!

Now Available! Give Norv A Raise t-shirts!!!

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Fired Up Norv!

I wanted to see Norv fired up like this earlier in the season. He sure is fired up!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I am a man of my word

OK. I promised on www.firenorv.net that IF the Chargers did better this year than last year under Marty that I would create www.givenorvaraise.com WELL... Here it is. I have already bought the domain name but it might take a day or two to propagate over to here. See.

OK Give norv a raise. I don't think he is the guy of the future (i am probably very well wrong but I'm tickled pink that we got this far.) Hell... he got us to the AFC championship game. Whether or not that is because or in spite of him is irrelevant on this day. I might be able to pick point spreads pretty accurately but I must not know crap about the dynamics of football teams. Go figure! I guess that is why I am not involved in football in my professional career and why I am a part time florist who gives flamenco lessons for side cash. ("Is he really..?" No, but I might as well be now.) Here's your raise site Norv!

Enjoy. You deserve it. Look at the comments and all the praise that shall be heaped upon you!

IF your a norv fan then comment here and I will post more.. IF you think they won in spite of him then also comment so i know how often to update this thing... Lets hope this becomes a positive site of reflection and good vibes that makes babys laugh and flowers bloom! Somehow i have a feeling most of you would rather yell and be cynics. If so...
visit www.firenorv.net